Sociopath need for control, stalking, hacking, and snooping

by unrestrainedjane

I found this article to be bang on.

Dating a Sociopath

Whilst in the relationship with the sociopath, you no doubt felt on β€˜lock downβ€˜, meaning that he knew, and had control about everything that you were doing, who you were speaking to. He will go to extreme lengths to learn what is going on with you. Remember that in the beginning the sociopath assesses you, for your worth? Well he is constantly assessing you, and to make sure that you will not escape him.


What is interesting, is that despite he wants control over your life, he is also very private about his own life. He will do everything to have control over your privacy (there will be no personal privacy with a sociopath), it feels like one rule for him, and another for you. Not only is he controlling, and you feel suffocated, you will have no idea what is really going on in his life in…

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